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2014 Ring Olympics

2014 Ring Olympics at Michael C. Fina

The 2014 Winter Games are here…and at Michael C. Fina, that means the Ring Olympics are back!

A new round will be posted each day on our Facebook page and Instagram so fans can vote for their favorite rings in each “event.”  Be sure to check back each day to cast your vote!

Featured Rings

Platinum – Snowboarding Event

Hearts On Fire – Platinum Pave Diamond Halo Engagement Ring from the Acclaim Collection

Jeff Cooper – Platinum Baguette & Emerald Setting from the Nikole Collection

Tacori – Platinum Crescent Ribbon Twist Setting from the Crescent Silhouette Collection

JB Star – Platinum Pave Oval Double Halo Diamond Setting from the Vintage Micro Pave Collection

Yellow Gold – Ice Hockey Event

Michael C. Fina – 18K Yellow Gold Cathedral Solitaire Setting from the Embrace Collection

Temple St. Clair – 18K Yellow Gold Princess Bezel Setting from the Classic Setting Collection

Erica Courtney – 18K Yellow Gold Bezel-Set Diamond Halo “Cristina” Setting from the Gorgeous & Engaged Collection

MaeVona – 18K Yellow Gold 5-Prong Pave Setting from the Aviemore Collection

Rose Gold – Snowboarding Event

Erica Courtney – 18K Rose Gold & Pave “Ellen” Setting from the Gorgeous & Engaged Collection

MaeVona – 18K Rose Gold 2-Row Pink Pave Setting from the Cava Collection

Michael B. – Cushion Halo Setting in 18K Rose Gold from the Royal Trois Collection

Mark Patterson – Pave Diamond Setting in 18K Rose Gold from the Promise Collection

A Renaissance Romance

Temple St. Clair's Bridal Collection at Michael C. Fina

“What I love most about Temple St. Clair is that each piece tells a story, whether about history, nature, astrology, or humanity. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Michael C. Fina, it is helping you create a special moment in your own history.  What better way to commemorate a moment than with a piece that not only conveys beauty, but also deep meaning?”

~Steven Fina

Temple St. Clair’s romantic designs were introduced at Michael C. Fina in February of 2011.  Since then, her distinctive pieces have marked the special moments in the lives of many of our brides and couples.  Temple’s designs are for the woman who embraces the modern world, but who still has a true passion and appreciation for the art, culture, and history of our ancient one.

Temple St. Clair‘s Bridal Collection can be found exclusively in Manhattan at Michael C. Fina.

Something Blue, Something Beautiful

“Blue moonstones are magical and particularly flattering.”

~Temple St. Clair


Your “something blue” on your wedding day should always be something beautiful.  A bride should be able to create a look that is unique to her and Temple St. Clair’s exquisite Royal Blue Moonstone pieces are the perfect accessories for any wedding day look.

The ancient Romans believed that the luminescent Moonstone was formed out of moonlight and could arm the wearer with prophetic powers during a full moon.  Temple’s signature stone is the Royal Blue Moonstone.  These beautifully cut, high domed Blue Moonstones are of a remarkable quality and are known for their beautiful flash of light.

With their subtle blue color and romantic inspiration, these pieces of jewelry can be worn as part of your bridal look and for all the days after.


To learn more about Temple St. Clair and the inspiration behind her pieces, read our interview.  Temple’s fashion and bridal designs are available at Michael C. Fina.


(Left to Right)

18K Yellow Gold Moonstone Cluster Earrings

18K Yellow Gold Moonstone & Diamond Granulation Ring

18K Yellow Gold Moonstone & Diamond Granulation Earrings



A Special Event

The Wedding Band Event at Michael C. Fina

Please join us for this one day only event!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

10am to 8pm

500 Park Avenue (E. 59th Street between Madison & Park)

Featuring your favorite designs from:

Michael B., Jeff Cooper, A. Jaffe, Penny Preville, Mark Patterson, MaeVona, Temple St. Clair, Erica Courtney, JB Star and more!

Exclusive Event Offer:

Receive a gift certificate* with your wedding band purchase

$250 gift certificate with wedding band purchases between $2,500 and $4,999
$500 gift certificate with wedding band purchases between $5,000 and $7,499
$750 gift certificate with wedding band purchases of $7,500 or more

*May not be combined with any other discount, promotion, or offer.  Not valid on sterling silver flatware, loose diamonds and other gemstones, repairs or engravings.  Not valid on previous orders.  Can only be used on future purchases.  Not valid towards the purchase of a Michael C. Fina gift certificate.  Not valid on international orders.  Expires August 31, 2013.

To attend, please secure an appointment.

Wedding Bands at Michael C. Fina

Come Visit Us On Park!

Taking the next step in its 77-year evolution as a family-owned and operated retail destination, Michael C. Fina has moved to 500 Park Avenue.  Previously located at Fifth Avenue and 45th Street, the company that began in 1935 as a silver merchant is now celebrated for its unique collection of engagement rings, wedding bands, and its wedding registry.


“We’ve set the tables of clients’ grandparents, their parents, and now them.  Our store spans three generations and so do our clients.  We’ve become an icon to New Yorkers when they are getting married,” said Steven Fina, President, Michael C. Fina.  “We’ve become part of families’ traditions, and not many companies can say that, especially retailers in Manhattan.”


According to Mr. Fina, many similar businesses have closed in recent years while Michael C. Fina has continued to grow and evolve.  Couples, including first families and royalty, have been choosing its registry programs for decades, due to the concierge-level service and the exclusive designers offered, including Hermes, Bernardaud, Christofle, and Saint-Louis Crystal.  Michael C. Fina’s Ring Gallery houses the largest selection of engagement rings and wedding bands on the East Coast from top design houses such as Tacori, Hearts On Fire, Mark Patterson, and Michael B.  Classic and elegant jewelry pieces from designers like Temple St. Clair and Mikimoto are also showcased.


As the company continues to help New Yorkers build their own distinctive lifestyles, its new location in an upscale Park Avenue shopping area ensures that the company will continue its evolution for many future generations.


For more information about our new store, please visit our website.  To view more pictures, please visit us on Facebook.  If there are any questions or concerns, please email askafina@mcfina.com.


 We can’t wait to see you on Park!



Dress Up in 2013

Michael C. Fina - Fashion Jewelry Trends 2013

Michael C. Fina is known for our bridal jewelry, but we also are experts on fashion jewelry.  While some jewelry pieces remain classics and will be forever in style, most trends change year to year.  We looked to celebrities and to the red carpet to see what’s going to be popular in 2013!

We sat down once again with Richard Wubnig, our manager and jewelry expert, to predict the top jewelry trends for 2013.

1. EmeraldsPantone has named Emerald Green ( PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald) their Color of the Year for 2013.  Pantone describes the color as a “lively, radiant, lush green” and we know that it will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe in 2013.  We think that not only emeralds, but rather all green gemstones and hues will be big this year.  Emeralds add just that right pop of color that can take a look from average to striking.  Some of our favorites are this classic emerald and diamond pendant from Michael C. Fina and these bold yellow gold emerald drop earrings from Penny Preville‘s Leaf Collection.

2. Colored Statement Pieces – Big, bold pieces are all over the red carpet.  You want to make a statement when you walk into a room and these pieces will certainly help you do it!  These pieces are also perfect for adding that fun pop of color when you are trying to take a more neutral outfit from the office to a dinner date.  We’re definitely going to see blues, greens, and pinks take over this year!  We suggest trying this striking 18K gold and sterling pendant from Tacori’s City Lights Collection or these elegant 18K yellow gold and moonstone cluster earrings from Temple St. Clair‘s Moonstone Collection.

3. Back in Black – Black stones are going to be big this year, especially black diamonds.  This twist on a classic started to become popular in 2012, but will take off in 2013.  They contrast white diamonds and this really makes the pieces of jewelry pop!  Black is extremely versatile, so women will love this trend because it can dress an outfit up or down depending on your mood.  For a girl’s night out, slip on this 18K and sterling black onyx cuff from Tacori’s 18K925 Collection.  Trying to impress your date?  These 18K white gold black diamond hoops from Penny Preville will do the trick!

4. Personalize It – Personalized jewelry is something you can love now, and it is something that you and your family can love for generations.  These personal pieces truly become your own and tell the story of your life.  Jewelry from Heather Moore is perfect for marking all the special occasions in your life – births of your children, your anniversary, etc.  You can customize every piece and add to it for years to come!  Looking for something more simple?  Initial pendants from KC Designs can be worn every day and even layered with other necklaces for a bigger look.

5. Stack ‘Em Up! – We love stacking all types of jewelry – bracelets, necklaces, rings – and we love seeing that this is becoming more and more popular with not only our customers, but our staff as well!  When stacking jewelry, you can change your look every day – add a piece, take one away, wear them in a different order.  This creates a look truly unique to each person and is perfect for creating looks on all different budgets.  We also suggest mixing in colors and different metals when creating your signature look.  Try layering these Temple St. Clair 18K yellow gold Olympian linked bangles with this 14K yellow gold pink sapphire beaded bracelet from Meira T. and this 18K and sterling London blue topaz bangle from Tacori’s 18K925 Collection for some seriously gorgeous arm candy.

How will you accessorize your life this year?

Our Favorite Things – Right Hand Sparkle

Ladies, indulge in a little something for yourselves this holiday season!  Right hand rings are perfect for holiday parties, date nights, or even just to show off that fantastic new manicure!

What style of ring will you be wrapping up for yourself this year?


Temple St. Clair – Royal Moonstone Collection 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Granulation Ring

Hearts On Fire – Intermingle Collection 18K White Gold Double Row Right Hand Ring

Tacori 18K925 – 18K & Sterling Black Onyx Ring


Want to see more styles?  View more fashion rings at Michael C. Fina.

Our Favorite Things – Think Pink

She’ll be tickled pink when she receives one of these gorgeous pieces of jewelry!  Whether she wants to be bold or subtle, these pieces will certainly add a pop of color to her wardrobe – perfect for that holiday party!


Tacori 18K925 – City Lights Collection 18K & Sterling Ruby Red Fashion Ring

Mark Patterson – Samba 18K White Gold Sapphire, Ruby & Diamond Pendant

Temple St. Clair – Classic Color Collection 18K Yellow Gold Pink Tourmaline Earrings


View more pink jewelry available at Michael C. Fina.

Our Favorite Things – Yellow Gold

We love warm hints of yellow gold during the holiday season!  (Well, we love it all year round, but that is besides the point!)

Add some yellow gold (and diamond and pearls too) to your wardrobe this winter.  And don’t worry about mixing it with other metals!


Hearts On Fire – Copley Collection 18K Yellow Gold 0.21ct Copley Heart Pendant

Temple St. Clair – Classic Gold Collection 18K Yellow Gold Olympian Linked Bangles

Mikimoto – Olive Collection 18K Yellow Gold Pearl Earrings


View more yellow gold jewelry available at Michael C. Fina.


Q & A with Temple St. Clair


Company Name: Temple St. Clair
Temple St. Clair Carr
Studio Location:
Soho, New York City
Year of Launch:


What inspired you to begin designing?

I’ve always fancied myself an adventurer and explorer. I studied Italian literature and art history in Florence for what turned out to be a 12-year sojourn. Early on, I became fascinated with gold and goldsmithing after being asked by my mother to find her an ancient coin to make into a necklace. What began as an errand turned in to a fascination and a lifelong career.

What influences your designs?

Cultural connections between all of the arts… from performing arts to the fine arts to architecture. I love how all things connect. Nothing is in isolation. I look at Frank Lloyd Wright and see Zen Buddhism. Etruscan art connections to India and China and the migration of tribes. I love cultural anthropology. People have always worn jewelry, from the caveman to the rapper. Jewelry is always a sign of the times… a statement about what is meaningful.

What is the first piece you designed?

The very first piece that I designed was an 18K gold necklace with a 4th century BC Carthaginian coin.


How would you describe the style of your collections? 

Eclectic modern classics.

What is your signature piece?

Definitely my rock crystal amulets. The very first I made was in 1986: a sphere of rock crystal encased in 18-karat gold.  I was inspired by the amulets and charms from the collection of Lorenzo de’Medici. The significance of amulets fascinates… from the primitive man up to the present. My amulets are typically the first piece for a woman new to my work.  There are so many to choose from that everyone finds her personal favorite.

How would you take this piece from the office to a night out?

My amulets have a cool, elegant appeal.  I usually wear a couple of them at a time and mix them up wearing them on a leather cord or a gold chain depending on where I’m going.


What materials do you use and why?

I am uncompromising in using the best materials and craftsmanship possible. I work in 18K yellow gold. I love the look and feel of gold; it is a marvelous material to work with, capable of holding such fine detail.  Among my favorite colored gemstones are royal blue moonstones.  Blue moonstones are magical and particularly flattering.  I love a range of colored gems from exotic Paraiba blue green tourmalines to bright orange mandarin garnets, mysterious star sapphires and rich deep emeralds.  The individual character of colored gems fascinates me.  I never tire of searching for interesting stones.

Name one piece a woman should splurge on.

One of my signature gold chains and with an amulet of choice.

What is your best style tip?

I don’t think there are any rules,  – you have to create your own style as an expression of who you are.  I love to collect and layer; every piece that I own and wear holds some significance for me.  That’s what real jewelry is all about.  My advice is to buy what you love, what speaks to you as an individual, and what makes a statement about who you are.

Your pieces are perfect for layering.  What are your favorite pieces to mix and match?

I’m repeating myself… but my amulets!  I layer them with my angel pendants and chains.  I also love to stack rings.  I wear five rings on three fingers daily!

Have you seen any trends or inspiration in the fashion world that you think you may incorporate into your next designs?

I can’t say that there are specific trends that I follow.  But I do love to look at fashion both on the street and the runway.  I look for silhouettes that I like.  Sometimes trends just happen simultaneously.  I would prefer to start trends rather than follow them.  I love the owl cashmere sweaters from Burberry this fall and it just happened by chance that I created owls in jewelry for fall based on the goddess Athena’s symbol of the owl.  Apparently in Europe, there is an owl craze right now too.  So owls must have just been in the air!


What is your favorite gift to give from your collections?

One of my favorite gifts to give for a special event is one of my angel pendants or one of my lockets.  Either is the perfect gift for just about any event and can be engraved to be completely personal.

Where is the next place you want to travel in order to get inspired?

I was just in the Galapagos this summer with my family.  I was obsessed with the natural beauty both above ground and underwater there.  As a family, we want to go somewhere very exotic to scuba dive some time soon.  Marine colors and shapes I find so inspiring.  We are also hoping to plan a trip to Rajasthan soon.  I have spent time there but I think to go with children will be all the more fascinating.  Just as the Galapagos sets the stage to understand evolution, Rajasthan sets a romantic backdrop to the stories of A Thousand & One Nights.  The smells, the colors, the music, the architecture, the food – it’s an overwhelming feast for the senses.


Designs by Temple St. Clair are available at Michael C. Fina.

Images courtesy of Temple St. Clair and Michael C. Fina.