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Our 2013 Diamond Dash

Michael C. Fina’s fourth annual “Diamond Dash: Dash for a Diamond & a Cure” was held on Saturday, October 26, 2013.  Congratulations to this year’s winners, Rachel & Jordan!  They were the lucky recipients of a $20,000 platinum and diamond engagement ring from Hearts On Fire!

Want to see more from this memorable day?

Check out a recap of the day on the fabulous proposal blog How He Asked!

Also check out a slideshow from the award-winning photography team at Photomuse!


Congratulations again, Rachel & Jordan!

“Marry Me”

In August, Jason Derulo filmed parts of the music video for his hit single “Marry Me” at Michael C. Fina’s Park Avenue location in Manhattan.

The video premiered on September 23 and it features a platinum and diamond engagement ring, available exclusively at Michael C. Fina!

Platinum Radiant Engagement Ring (8.83ctw), Featured in Jason Derulo's video for "Marry Me," available exclusively at Michael C. Fina

To check out the ring in person, stop by 500 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022.

To view similar rings, please visit our website.

One of Our Own…

A huge congratulations to our very own jewelry consultant Lauren on her recent engagement!  She has helped so many couples get engaged during her time at Michael C. Fina and it is only fitting that she now gets to celebrate her own engagement with you!

Her fiance Erik surprised her with a GORGEOUS Christopher Designs engagement ring (see below).  And be sure to check out the video of Erik popping the big question above.

Congratulations and best wishes to Lauren and Erik!  We couldn’t be happier for you and wish you many years of love and happiness!


Platinum & Diamond Setting by Christopher Designs

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic!

Victoria & Christopher - Milestone Engagement

In January, we reached out to our clients and Facebook fans so they could share their milestones with us in our “Celebrate Your Memories” contest.  Congratulations to Victoria and Christopher for being the winners of this contest and on your recent engagement!  We’re very happy to celebrate with you!


Here is the winning submission from Victoria:

My boyfriend Christopher and I have been dating for almost 8 years now and we finally got engaged on December 22, 2012.  First, let me say Christopher is my one true soul mate and I am truly lucky to have found him; the way he proposed to me was perfect, fun and memorable!  Christopher’s brother Mark is in a band and they always put on a show around the holiday time.  Sting is our favorite musician and Christopher decided to ask the band to learn one of our favorite songs, “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.” Without me knowing about it, they practiced in secret for over a month. On that wonderful night his brother Mark, the drummer, called us up to the stage area, then they started playing that song.  I had to make things difficult because I didn’t want to go up front where the crowds of people were standing enjoying the show, but Christopher assured me everyone would make room for us and once we got up there we started dancing and enjoying the song.  A few seconds later I started to realize everyone was watching us and even taking pictures of us, which made me think something was going to happen.  The lead singer proceeded to sing Sting’s lyrics: “I resolved to call her up a thousand times a day and ask her if she’ll MARRY me in some old fashioned way.”  Then when the lead singer said the word “MARRY,” the music stopped and Christopher proceeded to get down on one knee.  He presented the most beautiful ring to me, a Maevona Eriskay design, rose gold and platinum engagement ring in a beautiful Michael C. Fina box!  I then exclaimed, “Of course, yes, yes I will marry you,” and then the crowd cheered and clapped hands for us! It was a magical moment and I couldn’t be happier!


Here is Christopher’s story about their relationship:

Victoria and I have been together for nearly eight years.  We both knew at first sight that we were looking at someone special, but just how special took a little bit longer to find out.  I tried everything I could to win her over; I cooked dinners, baked sweets, and meet her friends and family.  I just knew it would be worth it in the end.   Eight years have flown by, and I only hope the rest of my life will slow down a little because I want to savor every moment with her.

We met very young, she had just graduated college and I was still in college, so we took things slow. We definitely wanted to be more financially stable before making a bigger commitment.  I had been looking for the right time and perfect moment to propose, but things were never quite right… So I took things into my own hands and began to make a plan.

Victoria has very particular taste in jewelry and loves to be different, so I knew just any old gold band wouldn’t do!  She had hinted a few years ago that she had liked this designer MaeVona, and even showed me some of her rings.  I came to find out that designer was only in two stores in all of New York State, and one of them was Michael C. Fina.  That’s when I got in touch with Sarah Schwartz at Michael C. Fina; she made everything really easy for me and worked with me for many weeks over the phone and in emails.  I couldn’t make it into the store because of my two jobs and living over an hour and a half away in Riverhead out on Long Island.  What little free time I had, I spent with Victoria and that made it even harder to surprise her with the ring!  Sarah was great and explained everything about engagement rings to me, which was quite a task since I knew little to nothing!

Victoria and I met at one of my brother’s bands shows and it was pretty much love at first sight!   I almost didn’t go to the show, but my close friend Amy said to stop being lazy “and who knows, you might meet the person you’ll marry.” She couldn’t have been even more right!

To pay homage to how we met, I felt the only way to propose would be at another one of my brother Mark’s shows.  It took several months of planning and everyone who knew was so excited for the big night!  I was scared since so many people knew, that Victoria might find out, but luckily it was a complete surprise!  I wasn’t nervous about proposing but more nervous about keeping to Victoria next to my side for when the band would play our song!  When that big moment came, everything went smoothly! I’ll remember that moment for the rest of my life!


We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with Victoria and Christopher!

Celebrate Your Memories!

Celebrate Your Memories with Michael C. Fina

Michael C. Fina takes pride in being the perfect place to turn when celebrating life’s many milestones – both big and small.  In 2012, we certainly had many to celebrate!

What milestones did you celebrate this year?  An engagement? A wedding? A new home? A new baby?

We invite you share the pictures and the stories behind the milestone memories you made in 2012.  Michael C. Fina will select a few favorites to feature on our blog and website.  A grand prize winner will also be chosen to win a $250 Michael C. Fina gift certificate.

Please visit our Facebook page for more details and to enter.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Love In An Abandoned Building

Searching for the perfect opportunity for his proposal, one of our customers listened closely to his girlfriend and heard her excitement about the recent sale of an abandoned building in New York.

Located at 5 Beekman Street, the Lower Manhattan building had developed quite a buzz due to its gorgeous glass atrium and untouched, frozen-in-time interior. “Wouldn’t it be cool to see the inside, before they restore it?” she said. In a city that is increasingly reworked and revamped, a building like this is a fantasy for someone who appreciates classic architecture. This fantasy building was perfect for his fantasy proposal.

The customer led his girlfriend on a walking tour of the area. They strolled through, casually admiring the architecture and the sights before stopping in front of 5 Beekman. As they talked about wanting to go inside, it just so happened Hillel was there standing outside. He said he was more than happy to take them on a tour.

As they made their way through the floors, they came upon a stairwell with a trail of rose petals. Following the path, they came upon a spot under the light of the atrium where he dropped down to one knee and asked “The Question.”

The customer then led his new fiancée to a gorgeous rooftop oasis set up by Michael C. Fina where the newly engaged couple could enjoy chilled champagne and a unique, breathtaking view of New York.

The couple was then shuttled by private car back to the store to celebrate with more champagne while making sure that the ring was a perfect fit. The private car then transported the smiling couple home.