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Summer Cocktail Series: Pom-Berry Bellini

Summer Cocktail Series: Week 5

America’s birthday celebration is almost upon us, so this week we’ve got something a little more patriotic in mind for a cocktail recipe. Represent the red, white, and blue with this festive Pom-Berry Bellini. Become a true bar master when you whip up this impressive recipe for your guests this 4th of July.

Pom-Berry Bellini: Summer Cocktail
Wes Martin, HGTV

Make it a real party with Baccarat stemware! Of course, everyday is a Baccarat Day, but these Mille Nuits flutes truly make it a celebration. The perfect red, white, and blue additions to your festivities, these elegant and detailed champagne flutes fit the bill.


A little bit of work for a huge reward in a fun and elegant cocktail, find the full recipe on HGTV.com. Make sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter if you try this recipe and share it with your friends. We love to see our readers trying out these fun recipes!

Summer Cocktail: Pom-Berry Bellini

And of course, you can always browse our full stemware collection at MichaelCFina.com.

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Instagram Proposals: June 2015

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a happy couple! That’s why we’re so thrilled when couples share their engagements on Instagram. It’s the perfect place to show the world your love, and the ring!

(PS: If you think your amazing proposal and story belongs in the next edition of this blog, be sure to tag your photo with #MichaelCFina and tag us in the photo @MichaelCFina!)

1. lisaaa___xox‘s fiancé went the romantic candlelit route, and really spelled it out for her!

A photo posted by @missdanskin on

2. We’re in love with this hand lettered addition by natasja_cee! A great big story in a tiny Instagram frame.

3. A little bias went into this pick, Space Mountain is my favorite mountain! A little Disney magic is a fun way to show off the ring, good job kdose88.

A photo posted by Kyle Dose (@kdose88) on

4. viv_ianp got a romantic getaway AND a ring! Talk about lucky.

A photo posted by V i v (@viv_ianp) on

5. eric_bienvenidos knows that Paris is always a good bet. Can’t go wrong with the Eiffel Tower!

6. Looking out over the water is a beautiful setting for an engagement. We’re sure odeyods agrees!

A photo posted by Odette Odendaal (@odeyods) on

7. Some guys go above and beyond, emphasis on above! A romantic ride in the clouds can really set the scene for a perfect engagement, as annaphamxo can attest to.

A photo posted by Anna Pham (@annaphamxo) on

8. And finally, engagements aren’t always about grand gestures and big surprises, sometimes simply genuine is the route to choose. Instagram user jen_jenmarie_busterthehusky‘s fiancé turned a camping trip and hike into the most memorable moment! Try to tell us the top of a mountain isn’t romantic, we dare you!

A photo posted by @jen_jenmarie_busterthehusky on

Summer Cocktail Series: Cucumber Fizz

Summer Cocktail Series: Week 4

We love our sweets, who doesn’t? Of course, we shouldn’t over do the sweets this summer and that’s why we’ve chosen this next summer cocktail this week. Cucumber-Ginger Fizzes, by way of MarthaStewart.com.  This light and bubbly drink is the perfect mix of fresh and fun, not to mention a great way to surprise guests who are expecting something a little bit more traditional.

Summer Cocktail - Cucumber Ginger Fizz
© MarthaStewart.com

Since you’re refreshing your style concerning your bar skills, why not refresh your glassware as well? We’ve picked out a few tumblers that are new and fresh, great for a summer style pick me up.

Summer cocktails - Michael C. Fina

The Corinne-American Bar Barrel Tumbler by William Yeoward is classically styled, curves in all the right places and structured lines creating a beautiful silhouette.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

With a name like this, why would you go with anything else? The Perfection Tumbler by Baccarat is just that, perfect. Simple and sweet is often the best fit for any situation.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

Looking for something as new and refreshing as your new summer cocktail? Look no further. The Geo Tumbler by Simon Pearce stands out, a stylish update for any table.

Visit MarthaStewart.com for the full recipe here.
Browse Michael C. Fina’s entire glassware collection here.

Summer Cocktail Series: Peach Punch

Summer Cocktail Series: Week 3

Our Summer Cocktail series continues, this week we venture into sangria territory!

Sure, you could have some beers at your backyard BBQ, but come on, been there, done that, right? You can put a little oomph in your outdoor meal with just a little bit of effort! We found this perfect peach punch recipe that’s just the right amount of refreshment.

Summer Peach Cocktail - Michael C. Fina

A simple recipe that’s sure to please your guests, this drink pairs thyme and lemon juice with sweet peach puree and agave nectar. In fact, this punch will probably be so popular you’ll want to prepare enough for the whole crowd. Make sure you’ve got all your bases covered and fill a carafe or pitcher for everyone to share! Here’s a few of our picks to get you inspired.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

The Iittala Kartio Carafe keeps the focus on the fun cocktail with clean and simple lines. Its modern shape is just enough to keep things interesting.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

William Yeoward keeps things classic with their Country Pitcher. Make everyone feel at home with soft lines and familiar shapes, not to mention the perfect summer cocktail contained within.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

Of course, if you’re feeling whimsical, Juliska’s there for you. Their Ella Pitcher is just the right balance of form and function, decorative accents adorning the base and handle while sticking to clean lines for the overall shape of the vessel.

Find the full recipe for this summer cocktail click on over to The Food Network.

Of course, if you’re making this summer cocktail for you and your guests, send a picture or note our way! We’d love to see how much of a hit it is at your party this weekend!  Send us a Tweet or tag us on Instagram using @michaelcfina, or feel free to check us out on Facebook and leave us a message there.

Summer Cocktail Series: Kerasi Cocktail

Summer Cocktail Series: Week 2

Our Summer Cocktail series continues on, even though NYC has been treated to some gloomy weather this week. Cheer up with some cherries this summer, sweet and simple.

© Svend Lindbaek
© Svend Lindbaek

This Kerasi cocktail recipe from Delish.com is an easy way to jump right into summer cocktails. The ingredients are simple enough and something everyone will love! This recipe from Philip Pepperdine of Barbounia, New York is sure to be a hit at your next BBQ.

Bubbles and all, this drink requires the right vessel and we’ve got the perfect pairings for flutes to serve it in. Let’s dive right in!

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

The Ambassador Champagne Flute by Lobmeyr is as stylish and modern as it gets, and since something this sweet makes an impact in simple lines, a perfect choice for this summer cocktail.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

If you’re looking for something a little less modern, try the Greta American Bar Champagne Flute by William Yeoward. The curves on this flute are classic and soft, with a little accent detail to keep things updated.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

Now for the fun part. This Gigolo Viola Champagne Flute by NasonMoretti is colored and textured, hitting all the notes you like to see when you want to go big or go home. Try mixing and matching colored champagne flutes for maximum impact.

Click here to shop Michael C. Fina’s entire collection of champagne flutes for your favorite bubbly summer cocktail.

Of course, if you’re making this summer cocktail for you and your guests, send a picture or note our way! We’d love to see how much of a hit it is at your party this weekend!  Send us a Tweet or tag us on Instagram using @michaelcfina, or feel free to check us out on Facebook and leave us a message there.

Summer Style: Tacori Engagement Rings

Summer is fast approaching and this weather just begs for romantic proposals. Sun warming your skin and cool breezy summer nights offer up the perfect setting to pop the big question. We’ve collected some of our favorite Tacori styles to help make the decision process a whole lot easier.

Simply Tacori Platinum Pave & Milgrain Setting

Picture 1 of 3

The Platinum Pave & Milgrain Setting from the Simply Tacori Collection makes simplicity desirable with perfected style to make your diamond stand out and demand attention. Pavé diamonds accent halfway around the band and the Tacori crescent adorns the sides of the band. Keeping it simple is sometimes the best plan of action.

Tacori Platinum & Diamond Twist Setting

Picture 1 of 3

The Platinum & Diamond Twist Setting from the Contemporary Crescent Collection is a direct departure from the argument for simplicity, but for good reason. This elegant and structured setting displays your diamond seemingly hovering over its pavé accented basket. The weaving ribbon style featured on its band makes this setting a truly stand-out piece.

18K Rose Gold Diamond Pavé Halo Dantela Setting

Picture 1 of 3

Rose gold is growing more and more popular by the day. If you’re thinking about going with rose gold, the 18K Rose Gold Pavé Halo Dantela Setting is the answer. Delicate pavé diamonds create a halo around a bold center diamond, the perfect balance of styles. If your to-be-betrothed is a fan of color, rose gold might be the perfect hue.

Platinum 3-Row Round Diamond Halo Setting

Picture 1 of 3

Of course, if you’re dreaming of the ultimate sparkle, there’s the Platinum 3-Row Round Diamond Halo Setting from the Petite Crescent Collection. Three rows of pavé adorn the band while a halo highlights the stunning center diamond of your choice. If you’re looking to go big, this setting is your ticket there.

Tacori is a featured designer at Michael C. Fina.