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Falling in Love with a Diamond

Choosing a Diamond for Your Ring

Valentine’s Day is now less than a month away!

Are you planning on popping the question this year? Aside from her style (and your budget), there are a few things that you need to know before making the big purchase.

First…The 4C’s

If you have been shopping for a diamond engagement ring, chances are you have already heard plenty about the 4Cs, the four basic criteria for assessing a diamond’s quality: carat, color, clarity and cut.

Good to Know, But…

As you have also probably learned, the 4Cs are just a starting point, a useful but oversimplified introduction to some of the important technical factors to consider when selecting a diamond. At Michael C. Fina, we consider the 4Cs in our personal grading of a diamond, but insist upon a more highly refined assessment of each gem’s distinctive quality.

…Love Can’t Be Measured…

Nine times out of ten, you will know a gemstone is right within seconds of seeing it, even if you cannot say why. Only once you have fallen in love with your diamond do we at Michael C. Fina specify its qualities. We supply an exhaustive grading report for every individual diamond we sell, but we never let a grading report dictate what you buy, or influence which gemstone you fall in love with.

…Which Brings Us to the Michael C. Fina 5th C: Charisma

Remember, you didn’t fall in love with her based on a technical report, and you shouldn’t choose her diamond based on one, either. At Michael C. Fina, we feel strongly that your initial emotional response to a particular diamond’s CHARISMA is of paramount importance, and is usually more accurate than a decision based on a list of numbers and grades.

A Wise Investment

At Michael C. Fina, we never start with a grading report, but we provide complete, detailed technical profiles of every diamond we carry, so that you can make your final decision and investment based on thorough knowledge. We will help you every step of the way as you consider all of these factors toward determining which diamond is exactly right for you…and for her.

Interested in making an appointment to purchase an engagement ring? Please visit our website.


Caring For Your Ring – Part 2

Jewelry Workshop - Caring for Your Engagement Ring

This may sound a little weird, but when it comes to caring for your ring, we want you to think of it as a car. You wouldn’t buy a brand new car, and then drive it every day for a year without ever bringing in for a tune up or oil change, would you?

Chances are, you wear your engagement ring every day. It probably actually gets more miles than your car. It’s going to have some normal everyday wear and tear, but there is one way to prevent anything more serious happening to your ring. We recommend that you make an appointment at Michael C. Fina twice a year to have your ring serviced.

We have an in-house jeweler available five days a week to look at your ring and make sure it looks and feels brand new at all times. He will clean your ring, make sure the prongs are tight and no diamonds or gemstones have come loose. This is also a good time to let the jeweler know if your finger size has changed at all. It’s very important that your ring fit you correctly. Proper fitting minimizes unforeseen damages due to unnecessary movement on the wearer’s hand.

Your ring should also be polished during a regular servicing appointment. This will get rid of dings and scratches, and will also restore the piece to its original condition.

Do you have any questions about servicing your engagement ring? Would you like to make an appointment with our jeweler? Please email workshop@mcfina.com.

For more information about our repair services, please visit our website.


*Please note – during these appointments, our workshop manager and jeweler will examine the piece and may determine that a more in-depth repair is needed. Many times, this will incur additional costs. Estimated costs will be determined by the workshop manager. In more extreme cases, and due to the nature and elements of some pieces, the manager may determine that Michael C. Fina will not be able to perform the repair request and will make a recommendation for you.

Caring for Your Ring – Part 1

Caring for your Engagement RingCongratulations! We know many of you recently got engaged during the holiday season, and we want to be sure you know how to keep your ring looking like new all year long. You probably haven’t been able to stop staring at the new addition on your finger, and it’s guaranteed that you will be showing off that sparkler A LOT in the coming months.

We sat down with Chris, the jewelry and workshop manager at Michael C. Fina, to get some tips and tricks for caring for your new engagement ring. Chris has worked here for almost 10 years, so he’s seen it all when it comes to engagement rings.

Been engaged for awhile now? Already married a few years? Don’t worry, these tricks will work for you as well.

You’ve heard of the 4Cs. Now remember the 3Ss – Swimming. Showering. Sleeping. To keep your ring in tip-top shape, you shouldn’t be wearing your ring doing any of them!

Swimming – Whether it’s a pool or the ocean, wearing your ring while swimming is not a great idea. Even if you’re just sunbathing, sunblock can cause your ring to slip right off. You certainly don’t want the ring getting sucked into a pool filter, or ending up at the bottom of the ocean. Leave the ring at home, or in safe in your hotel room if you’re on vacation.

Showering – Your ring can fall down the drain, but soaps and shampoos can also get caught in or under your ring. You might not notice a buildup, but it can happen, causing your ring to look a little worn or your diamond a little cloudy. If the buildup happens under the band, this can also cause skin irritations. Remember to take your ring off before hopping in the shower, but please don’t leave it on the edge of the sink!

Sleeping – Most people don’t think that sleeping may harm your ring or diamond, but it can! Prongs can get caught on sheets or blankets, causing them bend. This could then cause the diamond to loosen in the setting. Loose or broken prongs can also scratch you or your partner. Better off leaving your ring on your nightstand as you catch your Zzzs.

Other times to avoid wearing your ring? At the gym, cleaning the house, gardening, moisturizing, and primping.


Do you have a question about caring for your ring? Email Chris at workshop@mcfina.com or visit our website.

Be sure to check back next week for more tips!

Fina Couples, We’re Still Here for You!

The couples that choose Michael C. Fina to celebrate their love depend on us. They know that we’re here to take care of any and everything they need when it comes to wedding jewels and that doesn’t stop after the wedding bells have rung. When the vows are said and the registry fulfilled, we’re still here for you. One of our Fina couples, Robyn & Anthony Bulacan purchased a beautiful princess-cut Tacori engagement ring here back in 2003. They recently visited us again at 500 Park Avenue to make sure everything was in tip-top shape! The gorgeous Tacori engagement ring was brought in for a tune up and returned to Robyn looking just as radiant as the day she said “Yes!” Take a look for yourself down below, we love how Robyn can change up the look of her dazzling jewels by stacking it alongside contrasting sizes and styles of bands in addition to her perfectly matching wedding band.

Tacori engagement ring

When it came back it was like brand new and I couldn’t be happier!” – Robyn Bulacan

Tacori engagement ring

Want to know how you can become one of our Favorite Fina Couples? To see this and many more beautiful Tacori engagement rings available at Michael C. Fina, click to visit us online and then call us at 1-800-289-3462 to set up an appointment at our store located at 500 Park Avenue, New York, New York.

If you’re already one of our Favorite Fina couples and you’d like to share your story with us, feel free to visit us on Facebook and send us a message. We love hearing from happy couples like Robyn & Anthony!

How will you sparkle in 2014?

Top Engagement Ring Trends at Michael C. Fina for 2014

Will 2014 be your year to get engaged?  We’re sure you’ve been diligently searching our website and Pinterest boards to find your “perfect” engagement ring, so we’ve decided to do some work for you.  We’ve predicted six engagement ring trends that are sure to be hot in 2014.  Find your favorite, take notes, and start dropping hints!

1. Art Deco – Aren’t you “jazzed” about this trend?  Vintage styles have been popular for years, but Art Deco styles will be extremely popular in 2014.  The strong lines and intricate details bring you back to another era.  This vintage appeal shows no signs of slowing down!  If you love the look, check out this stunning platinum Tacori engagement ring fit for a princess!

2. Floral – Add a touch of romance with florals and blooms on your engagement ring.  Inspired by nature, some of these rings will have an organic feel to them as well.  Many women will love the ultra-feminine style of floral engagement rings.  This platinum “Juliet” ring by Penny Preville showcases a bold leaf design and is inspired by the most famous love story of all time!

3. Yellow Gold – Yellow gold is making a comeback!  2013 was all about rose gold and 2014 will be all about yellow.  Pure gold is yellow in color and some women love this natural, warmer look.  Another thing about yellow gold that many women might like?  The sentimental feel of it.  Many women who got engaged and married in the 1980s sported yellow gold rings, so women today might want to match their mothers!  Want a yellow gold ring with a ton of sparkle?  Check out this 3-sided pave engagement ring from Michael B.’s Princess Collection.

4. Twisted Bands – Some women love a classic style, but want a little bit of a unique, modern update to their ring.  The streamlined, sensual design of a twisted band accomplishes this.  Looking for the “perfect” twisted band?  We love this platinum ring from the Refined Collection by Hearts On Fire.  It shows off The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds!

5. Cushion Cut Diamonds – Celebrities have been all about the cushion cut recently!  (Thank you, Kim & Kanye!)  A striking blend of the oval and princess cut shapes, the cushion cut is a rounded square design that has surged in popularity in recent years. Commonly seen in antique rings, the cut has a classic look that differentiates it from the standard round cut. The overall shape varies from a rounded square shape to a longer, more rectangular design.  One of our favorite and classic designs for a cushion cut diamonds is this platinum pave halo setting from Mark Patterson’s Promise Collection.

6. Mixed Metals – The mixed metal look is for the woman who loves the look of more than one color metal…or for the woman who can’t decide which metal she loves more!  Many women wear jewelry in all different colors, so this trend is perfect for them.  This adds a modern, unique touch to your jewelry!  The flowing lines of the Eriskay ring by MaeVona brilliantly mix platinum and 18K rose gold!

Which trend do you love the most?

Our 2013 Diamond Dash

Michael C. Fina’s fourth annual “Diamond Dash: Dash for a Diamond & a Cure” was held on Saturday, October 26, 2013.  Congratulations to this year’s winners, Rachel & Jordan!  They were the lucky recipients of a $20,000 platinum and diamond engagement ring from Hearts On Fire!

Want to see more from this memorable day?

Check out a recap of the day on the fabulous proposal blog How He Asked!

Also check out a slideshow from the award-winning photography team at Photomuse!


Congratulations again, Rachel & Jordan!