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Caring for Your Ring – Part 1

Caring for your Engagement RingCongratulations! We know many of you recently got engaged during the holiday season, and we want to be sure you know how to keep your ring looking like new all year long. You probably haven’t been able to stop staring at the new addition on your finger, and it’s guaranteed that you will be showing off that sparkler A LOT in the coming months.

We sat down with Chris, the jewelry and workshop manager at Michael C. Fina, to get some tips and tricks for caring for your new engagement ring. Chris has worked here for almost 10 years, so he’s seen it all when it comes to engagement rings.

Been engaged for awhile now? Already married a few years? Don’t worry, these tricks will work for you as well.

You’ve heard of the 4Cs. Now remember the 3Ss – Swimming. Showering. Sleeping. To keep your ring in tip-top shape, you shouldn’t be wearing your ring doing any of them!

Swimming – Whether it’s a pool or the ocean, wearing your ring while swimming is not a great idea. Even if you’re just sunbathing, sunblock can cause your ring to slip right off. You certainly don’t want the ring getting sucked into a pool filter, or ending up at the bottom of the ocean. Leave the ring at home, or in safe in your hotel room if you’re on vacation.

Showering – Your ring can fall down the drain, but soaps and shampoos can also get caught in or under your ring. You might not notice a buildup, but it can happen, causing your ring to look a little worn or your diamond a little cloudy. If the buildup happens under the band, this can also cause skin irritations. Remember to take your ring off before hopping in the shower, but please don’t leave it on the edge of the sink!

Sleeping – Most people don’t think that sleeping may harm your ring or diamond, but it can! Prongs can get caught on sheets or blankets, causing them bend. This could then cause the diamond to loosen in the setting. Loose or broken prongs can also scratch you or your partner. Better off leaving your ring on your nightstand as you catch your Zzzs.

Other times to avoid wearing your ring? At the gym, cleaning the house, gardening, moisturizing, and primping.


Do you have a question about caring for your ring? Email Chris at workshop@mcfina.com or visit our website.

Be sure to check back next week for more tips!

The Fina Touch – Now Online!

Your favorite designer engagement rings & wedding bands are now available on michaelcfina.com!

We are excited to announce that your favorite designer engagement rings and wedding bands are now available for purchase on our website!  We have been helping New Yorkers get engaged and married for over 75 years, and now we can celebrate these special milestones with couples all over the country!

Find out why you should purchase a diamond engagement ring from Michael C. Fina…without ever leaving the comforts of your own home or office!


The Fina Touch

Every diamond at Michael C. Fina is personally hand-inspected, sorted, and selected by the Fina family.  There is no compromise in our commitment to bringing you the very highest quality available.  The reputation of our family name has been built and depends on this promise.

Diamond Upgrade Policy

Michael C. Fina is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction forever.  We understand that there is no other ring that will ever replace the first in your memories, but should you wish to purchase a diamond that is even one more dollar more than the original, we will credit the full price of the first diamond toward your purchase of another.  This policy only applies to diamonds that have been purchased at Michael C. Fina.

Helping You Achieve Your Dreams

Another benefit to purchasing her engagement ring at Michael C. Fina is the GE Capital Luxury Card.  The Michael C. Fina credit card is offered by GE Capital Retail Bank and is a symbol of our exceptional service and quality for which Michael C. Fina is known for.  When you open your Michael C. Fina credit card account, we can offer you flexible plans to help achieve your dreams.  You can apply for the card online or in our Park Avenue store.

After the “Yes!”

The sparkle in your diamond is a direct reflection on us.  We invite you to come to us to have your engagement ring cleaned as often as you would like.  We also offer a complimentary first resizing as well as appraisals so you may update your insurance.

Ethically Engaged

It is crucial to us at Michael C. Fina that the diamonds we purchase retain and reflect purity in every way.  We strictly adhere to World Trade Organization and Kimberley Process guidelines on conflict diamonds and we guarantee that all of our diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources and not involved in funding conflict.
Our membership in and stellar standing with the Jewelers Vigilance Committee further ensures that our diamonds and precious metals come only from sources committed to full compliance with all of the laws and regulations upholding the jewelry industry’s highest ethical standards.

A Proud Member

American Gem Society ~ Better Business Bureau ~ New York State Jewelers Association ~ Platinum Guild ~ Jewelers Vigilance Committee ~ Jewelers of America

When YES means forever, give her Michael C. Fina.

Diamond Engagement Rings at Michael C. Fina - Now Available Online

Do you have any questions or concerns about purchasing a designer engagement ring or wedding band on our website?  Please email info@mcfina.com or call 1-800-289-3462.

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