“Relentless for a Cure”

Every memory I have from my childhood has a piece of the family business intertwined in it some way or another.  Whether it was conversations about what was happening at the store during dinner, or being on vacation and watching my father call the office to check in, business was always happening.  There were never any formal lessons about business – you just watched, listened and learned.  Eventually, you understood that a family business requires commitment, drive, passion and relentlessness at a level far greater than anything else.

I’ll never forget there was a day we were sitting in the hospital with my father, and I was reading something from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  There was the line “Relentless for a Cure,” and it just clicked.  I realized that this is what made us who we were – our relentless attitude toward our business and the need to find a cure for this horrible disease.  This is why I decided to work with one of my favorite jewelry designers, Mark Patterson, to create something.  When I got to my office the next day, I called Mark and asked him to make me a pair of cufflinks with the word “Relentless” on them. I wanted to literally wear on my sleeve the fact that I was relentless.

When I received my cufflinks, my family members and everyone else I showed them to wanted something that said “Relentless” as well.  So I made another call to Mark to make some more cufflinks and during that phone call, the pendant was born.  After that, we would just make the pendants and cufflinks for people we knew.  One day, it was decided that everyone should have the opportunity to show that they are relentless – relentless to do whatever it was they had to do, and most importantly, relentless to find a cure.

-Steven Fina

In 2009, Charlie Fina passed away after a three-year battle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.  During his courageous struggle with the disease, the company began supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and is now a National Supporting Sponsor.  For the past several years, Michael C. Fina teams have participated in the society’s annual Light the Night Walk in both Manhattan and Queens, walking in memory of Charlie Fina.

Michael C. Fina is proud to introduce the Relentless Collection of pendants designed by Mark Patterson as part of their support for LLS.  Featuring the word “relentless” to symbolize the fight against blood cancers, these pendants can serve as an everyday celebration of the lives touched by cancer.  The pendants are available in both sterling silver and 18k white gold, and can also be made with or without a ruby accent.

To help support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 20% of the proceeds from the purchase of a Relentless Collection pendant will be donated to LLS.  Click here to view the collection.


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