Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Photography

Photographs © Photomuse / Kristin Reimer

Are you looking for a wedding photographer?  You’re in luck.  We are great friends with the award-winning photography team at Photomuse and they have some fantastic advice about how to get the most out of your wedding photography.


This generation’s tech-savvy bride and groom can take advantage of a range of options in the new frontier in photography happening right before our eyes today. Couples today have a distinctive style of their own and they are driven to find wedding photography that reflects their individuality. Beyond knowing what style of photography is important, there are several other key ingredients to maximizing the investment that has been put into your wedding photography.
Of course the first, and probably the most important part of the equation, is finding the right professional to document the day. While today’s cameras and the eyes behind the cameras are more prevalent, wedding photography involves more than a good eye and technical know-how. You want someone who is familiar with the frenetic pace of a wedding and has the ability to adjust to the unexpected (weather, equipment malfunction, stress, etc). Your wedding photographer often becomes your planner, your therapist, your stylist, your best friend, mediator and of course, your talented, inspired artist all rolled up into one.
Once you have found this person, don’t delay in securing your day with him/her or you may lose your date. Once secured, there are a few things that can help everyone in creating wonderful photography.
1.  Communicate. Don’t be afraid to discuss what is/isn’t important to you about your photographs. Include the photographer on your plans for the day as he/she may have some helpful tips on how to make the best of the visual side. Communicate if there is something you dislike or fear as it relates to the photography. Did you have an engagement session? Use it as an opportunity to tell the photographer what did/didn’t work for you.
2.  Light. Light is integral to beautiful imagery. The good ones know how to find, use, create and if necessary, fake it. There are times of day that create the most impact. I personally love it when a couple includes me on decisions that involve choosing the time of the day for an outdoor ceremony or formals for instance. If you are drawn to a particular image or style, at times, specific lighting can be a major component of it.
3.  Keep it Clean. Emotional moments reign when the gown is first put on. All of those beautiful moments should not be forever enshrined amidst a messy room. Appoint someone to keep things neat.
4.  Time. Work with your photographer to establish the proper amount of time to accomplish the type of images you desire.
5.  Nourishment. It’s all too easy to forget to eat, but it’s a long day and the time goes by so quickly. After the adrenaline is left behind with the final vows, hunger and thirst will hit you. Often this is the time for the creative portraits/formals. You may lose patience and enjoyment and that will show in the final images. Take care of yourself ahead of time or appoint someone to help take care of your needs.
6.  Is That a Pencil in Your Pocket? Men, you are looking quite dapper! Don’t spoil the look of your tailored wardrobe by filling your pockets up and creating bulges. Hand everything off to your trusty sidekick.
7.  Strike a Pose. Have your photographer communicate to you how to look your best when posing for the camera. But one important item I recommend is to inhale, stand tall, and then relax your shoulders right before the shot is taken.
8.  Smile With Your Eyes. Let your smile reach beyond your lips and show the twinkle in your eyes.
9.  Weather. Relinquish control to Mother Nature. Embrace what the day brings you and look to the positives (images in the rain are actually quite romantic!). A professional photographer knows how to work with what is given and make your images unique to your day.
10.  Connect. If you find yourself feeling nervous or intimidated, take a moment to look to your new spouse. A loving glance, a shared whisper, a touch or kiss, all of these things bring a moment to connect together and to allow the rest to disappear. Remember what brought you to this special day and focus on the reasons you said “I do.” Your images will be uniquely you.


Great wedding photography is truly a collaborative event. When I can combine my skills and creativity to the candidness and connection my couples bestow before my camera, magic always follows.


All photography courtesy of Photomuse.

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