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No need to be stumped anymore, here we have ideas and pieces that will inspire ideas on gifting, wedding style, seasonal style. It’s time to get inspired!

Taking the Leap

Furrer Jacot Men's Wedding Band with Diamonds

February 29 only comes around every four years.

According to an Irish tradition that dates back to the fifth century, the rules of engagement are reversed on this day and women can ask their man for his hand in marriage.  The whole tradition started when St. Bridget complained to St. Patrick about how long some women had to wait for a man to propose to them.  His solution?  Let women propose one day every four years…February 29.

So, ladies, would you take the leap and propose to your man?

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Gem of the Month – Amethyst

Gem of the Month - AmethystsAmethysts are the most valued quartz variety, and they can come in a wide range of purple shades.

Amethysts are February’s birthstone, and are also popular gems when celebrating 6th and 17th anniversaries.

Fun Fact: Early Greeks often associated this “wine-colored” gem with Bacchus, the god of wine.

Want to learn more about amethysts? Visit

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Holiday Table Decorating Ideas

The holidays are a very busy time of year! It can be stressful trying to make everything perfect for the guests, all while also buying presents, wrapping, cleaning, and cooking! We have some tips for decorating your holiday table that will help eliminate some of the stress of deciding how to make your table look beautiful this holiday season.

To begin your holiday extravaganza, you will want to decide the them and/or color scheme. You want the table to feel festive for the holiday, but not overdone.

Holiday Table Setting Examples

After picking your décor and color scheme, it is important to understand the proper way to place the table setting. (Diagrams are below.) In addition, notice the details, such as the name card, as well as the placement of the glasses, silverware, and napkins.

We have several dishes and décor that are perfect for this year’s holiday table setting. See below for the gold-themed table setting we put together just for you!

Gold Holiday Table Setting

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Carrs English Silver – Lotus Sterling Silver Five-Piece Dinner Setting

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How will you be decorating your table for the holidays? Share your table with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Be sure to tag us! @michaelcfina or #michaelcfina

Happy Holidays!

Top Bridesmaids Gifts at Michael C. Fina

So you’re registered at Michael C. Fina. Now what? You’ve got all the wedding planning to do, too. Why not make things a little easier and get your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen gifts while registering? With the largest selection of gifts and tableware on the East Coast, it just makes sense to get it all done at once.

We’ve combed through our entire collection and picked out ten gifts that are perfect to show your bridal party just how much you appreciate them. German to Malagasy (We’ll handle bridesmaids gifts and groomsmen gifts in two posts, don’t want to overwhelm ourselves.)

Michael C. Fina - Bridesmaids Gifts

The Astley Clarke Perfect Day Bracelet is the perfect casual way to let your best ladies wear their love for you on their sleeve.

Michael C. Fina - Bridesmaids Gifts

If you’re looking for something a little more sleek and modern,  the Astley Clarke Fractal Sea Shell 18K Vermeil Bangle is a stunning alternative.


A little something to light up their home, the L’Objet Gold Butterfly Candle is a simple but thoughtful gift.

Michael C. Fina - Bridesmaids Gifts

Your favorite ladies with sparkle in style as you walk down the aisle in these Michael C. Fina Sterling Silver Square Garnet Earrings.

Michael C. Fina - Bridesmaids Gifts

This Michael Aram Vincent Catch All tray is the perfect way to help brighten up your maids’ day!

Michael C. Fina - Bridesmaids Gifts

A nice decorative accent, Michael Aram Botanical Leaf Wine Stopper can give dinner time wine a little extra oomph.

Michael C. Fina - Bridesmaids Gifts

For the friend who is by your side through thick and thin, the Izola May You Never Cocktail Shaker wishes the best of luck in a strange, but sincere, way.

Michael C. Fina - Bridesmaids Gifts

Who can ever get enough love? These Just Slate Heart Coasters are stylish and sweet. Oh, and they’re also useful!

Michael C. Fina - Bridesmaids Gifts

If your wedding date is near Christmas and you’re creating a winter wonderland, try this Lunares Crown Ornament. Your favorite ladies should know they’re royalty to you!

Michael C. Fina - Bridesmaids Gifts

Ever the useful gift, Assouline’s Travel & Lifestyle Craft Cocktails is a gift that keeps on giving, and could even be a fun way to spice up the Bachelorette party!

Summer Cocktail Series – Blackberry Dusk Flip

Summer berries are always bountiful and begging to be used in anything we make. Blackberries are one of our favorites and this Dusk Flip featured on is perfect for sharing the blackberry love.

Summer Cocktail - Blackberry Dusk Flip

This creamy cocktail is the perfect substitution for a heavy dessert. Make sure you’ve got a glass big enough to handle it with a heavy base, here are a few of our favorites.

Summer Cocktails - Blackberry Dusk Flip`

William Yeoward’s Fanny Collection features a goblet with a heavy sculptured stem, perfectly sized for a drink like this.

Summer Cocktails - Blackberry Dusk Flip

The Eleanor Collection by William Yeoward goblet also has a heavy base, but adds a little style up top with a bit of classic textured details.

Summer Cocktails - Blackberry Dusk Flip

And then there’s just cutting out the middle man altogether. The Barre Goblet by Simon Pearce features a wide base and tall glass for a steady and solid look. has the full recipe for this seasonal scotch recipe on their site. If you test out this drink, make sure you send us photos of your delicious results on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (just tag us and use #MichaelCFina in your posts!)

Summer Cocktail Series – Frosty Lemon Martini

September may have arrived, but that doesn’t mean summer is over just yet. We’re still looking out for you by sharing fantastic cocktails to help you celebrate the season of summer.

First up in September we’ve got a Frosty Lemon Martini. Tart and cool, it’s sure to keep you going at the end of a long summer day.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

As always, we’ve got your style covered, too. Take a look at our picks to serve these concoctions.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

If you’re not as handy with a lemon rind, let your glassware take care of the pizzazz. Simon Pearce’s Stratton Martini glass features a unique stem containing a beautiful detail.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

Looking for a bit more of a modern style? Moser’s stemless Pebble Martini glass is an amazing combination of refined and rugged with a cut base that gives it a wonderful textured accent.

Summer Cocktails - Michael C. Fina

Finally, with style and history, these vintage sterling silver martini from Michael C. Fina’s Vintage Silver collection show off your discerning taste. has the full recipe for this seasonal scotch recipe on their site. If you test out this drink, make sure you send us photos of your delicious results on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (just tag us and use #MichaelCFina in your posts!)