Summer Cocktail Series – Donal Brophy’s Lonely Planet

As summer is on its last legs, we begin to round out our Summer Cocktail Series with a few final mixes. Today we’re featuring the Lonely Planet, created by Donal Brophy, former Co-Owner and Bartender at Mary Queen of Scots in New York City.

Inspired by the approach of fall, Brophy created this drink in aspiration of capturing the late summer mornings where you can feel the beginnings of autumn. Although it’s not your basic cocktail, we think it’s worth a shot to try your hand at it.

A drink like this calls for a worthy goblet. Here are three picks from us to give you a little inspiration.

You can’t go wrong with the Harcourt collection by Baccarat. Its goblet is the perfect balance of beautifully cut crystal and stunningly structured design.

Summer Cocktail - Michael C. Fina

William Yeoward’s Calypso Goblet is fun twist on what would otherwise be a standard style. The swirling lines surround this glass creating shapes as it turns.

Summer Cocktail - Michael C. Fina

The Lady Hamilton Goblet by Moser seems as though it were made just for royalty. A style reminiscent of the times of dynasties and palaces, the gold rim adds a fitting touch to this regal collection. has the full recipe for this seasonal scotch recipe on their site. If you test out this drink, make sure you send us photos of your delicious results on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (just tag us and use #MichaelCFina in your posts!)

Out Of The Ordinary Gift Giving

When it comes to gift giving, sometimes you need to stand out from the crowd. Of course, you’re not trying to one up anyone, just trying to inject a little fun into someone’s life. Whether its a birthday, wedding, graduation, or a even a widely celebrated holiday, everyone needs to smile every once in a while. Why not be the one to put a smile on someone’s face with a quirky gift that they’re sure to love?

Michael C. Fina Gifts

For the bold and brash, we’ve got the “Do Not Disturb” Door Hangers by B. Home Interiors. These luxe accessories are solid and tasteful, in pops of colors like red, yellow, and royal blue. Buying these for yourself is one thing, but the act of making them a gift definitely says something unique!Michael C. Fina Gifts
If the you’re looking for a gift for a business minded individual, try this Jac Zagoory Designs Bear Staple Remover. We think it says “fun, but tough.” Let them show their lighter side while still letting everyone else know who’s boss!
Michael C. Fina Gifts

For those who can let their guard down, take the fun up a couple of notches! This Brass and Marble Tic Tac Toe set by Jonathan Adler is the most stylish version of the game that we’ve ever encountered, the perfect addition to any office or parlor. Who knows, maybe they could even put it in the library, everyone needs a reading break sometimes.

For more great gift ideas, take a look at our selection here.

Summer Cocktail Series – Everything’s Coming Up Rosé

Summer Cocktail Series – Week 13

We love a good play on words. This Rosé apertivo by Natasha David, head bartender of New York City’s Nitecap, is a unique mix of distinct tastes that are sure to surprise your palate, no matter how much of an expert you are.

Photo: Matt Taylor-Gross

Rosé is huge right now and we’ve got the perfect glassware to keep your style high profile as you sip this clever concoction.

Everything's Coming Up Rosé - Michael C. Fina

Simon Pearce’s Woodstock collection features bold shapes and clean curves, classically stylish in a comfortable way.

Everything's Coming Up Rosé - Michael C. Fina

The Berry and Thread collection from Juliska has more of a fun personality, all while maintaining a style that stands the test of time.

Everything's Coming Up Rosé - Michael C. Fina

If you’re going trendy, go all the way with these simple but stunning stemless glasses from Waterford‘s Elegance collection. You can’t go wrong when you take it back to basics. has the full recipe for this fantastic float on their site. If you test out this drink, make sure you send us your delicious results on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (just tag us and use #MichaelCFina in your posts!)

Featured Fine Jewelry Designer: Furrer-Jacot

Michael C. Fina is home to a selection of the world’s top fine jewelry designers, including Furrer-Jacot. Founded in Switzerland in 1858, Furrer-Jacot has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality bridal jewelry ever since, with a strong emphasis on individuality, authenticity, and creativity. The benefits of choosing a piece of Furrer-Jacot fine jewelry and many, from personalization to diamond replacement.

While engraving is a popular service many jewelers provide, Furrer-Jacot goes above and beyond with their engraving services. Symbols or engravings can be done by classic machine, laser, or by hand. The skilled craftsmen can also faithfully engrave an inscription in your own handwriting, a personal drawing, or even a fingerprint into the inside of the ring.


Made for a lifetime, Furrer-Jacot jewelry isn’t just about the design process. Each and every piece of jewelry from the Swiss is timeless in both design and production. After receiving your one of a kind customized jewelry, you can register it to receive all of the benefits of their Lifetime Warranty, including resizing for both the original owner or a direct heir if you decide to pass it on to another generation.

Dedication to their craft is high priority for Furrer-Jacot. Included in their Lifetime Warranty is the replacement of lost diamonds up to 0.05 carats, provided the loss was not due to negligent or unsatisfactory care.

Furrer-Jacot - Michael C. Fina

To view Michael C. Fina’s collection of Furrer-Jacot jewelry, visit us online. You can also call us (800-289-3462) or email us to make an appointment to visit our flagship store at 500 Park Avenue in New York. For full details on Furrer-Jacot’s Lifetime Warrantly, visit their website.

Furrer-Jacot, it seals the most incredible bonds.

The Anniversary Ring: All You Need To Know

The Anniversary Ring is a tradition that allows for a little more freedom than you’d think. While there are themes for certain anniversary years when it comes to gifts in general, the gift of an anniversary ring is more dependent on the couple themselves.

What Kind Of Ring To Get

Truly, the possibilities are endless. Some couples choose to simply upgrade the engagement ring, either a larger stone, a more extravagant setting, or even turning a solitaire into a three-stone ring. However, there is always the option to not replace or upgrade the engagement ring, but to add a ring to the set, matching or not.

Anniversary Rings - Michael C. Fina
18K White Gold Crossover Right Hand Ring by Hearts On Fire

Some choose an additional band to wear with their engagement ring and wedding band, while others balance out their jewelry with a right hand ring. The former option tends to call for a piece that matches the style of the original rings, while the latter offers a wider range of options.

Anniversary Rings - Michael C. Fina
Truly Triple Row Right Hand Ring by Hearts On Fire

If you’re a bit more adventurous and you want to show it, try doing it in color. Mark Patterson knows how to balance style and colTagsor to create a stunning ring.

Anniversary Rings - Michael C. Fina
18K White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring by Mark Patterson
When To Get An Anniversary Ring

If you’re looking to try to follow a more traditional path, the ideal anniversaries to spring for diamonds are the decades, ie. 10th, 20th, 30th. These landmark anniversaries typically demand a bigger appreciation but don’t hold yourself to these rules. In fact, the impact of an unexpected surprise can sometimes make a less notable anniversary a big hit (don’t worry, we know your 11th anniversary is just as important as your 10th!)

Of course, when it comes down to it, the option is yours! Anniversary rings are the perfect opportunity to show how strong and long lasting your love is, but also how well you know your partner. If you’re in the market for an anniversary ring for your partner, make sure you pay attention! It’s easy to see when they’d love if you pose the right questions and notice the right details. And if you’re still not sure, make an appointment with the jewelry experts at Michael C. Fina, who can help you find the Anniversary Ring of your partner’s dreams. You can browse our collection of fine jewelry here.

Summer Cocktail Series – Watermelon Soda Float

Summer Cocktail Series – Week 12

Sometimes you need to change things up and get creative. This Watermelon Soda Float is just the ticket. This fun drink is perfect for cooling off and winding down towards the end of the summer.

Watermelon Soda Float - Michael C. Fina

To show off this dreamy concoction you’re going to want the right style. Don’t worry, you’ve got some options and we’ve picked out a few of our favorite highballs.

Watermelon Soda Float - Michael C. Fina

The Lente Clear Highball by Mario Luca Giusti is the perfect pop accent for this drink.  What’s the point of having a party if you can’t have a little fun with everything?

Watermelon Soda Float - Michael C. Fina

The Triangle Highball by Rosenthal is modern, but you can’t dispute it, it’s got style. Gently curving lines make this glass a must have.

Watermelon Soda Float - Michael C. Fina

If you want drama, the Renaissance Highball by Varga has it. Look no further, this glass is the star, even if it is holding a bright and frothy Watermelon Soda Float!

Bon has the full recipe for this fantastic float on their site. If you test out this drink, make sure you send us your delicious results on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (just tag us and use #MichaelCFina in your posts!)

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