Proposing? Location, Location, Location!

This month we sensed a theme in our search for our favorite proposal announcements on Instagram. Location, location, location. Proposing is like art to us, and these proposals take an already romantic moment and make it over-the-top with scenery meant to amaze!

Ixt_ shared her proposal at the top of the Hollywood Hills. An adorable moment with the whole family there to share it and a gorgeous view on the horizon!

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The windy city is cold right now, but that doesn’t mean love can’t blossom anyway. Cloud Gate at Millenium Park in Chicago is a must-see sculpture, and a fantastic place to propose! Seems like d_woolard23 learned that from experience!

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Galicianation shared this beautiful moment between her sister and (new!) brother-in-law at the foot of a mountain in Yosemite! What an incredible view for a momentous occasion.

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Bonus! Look at how cute the signs for this proposal were!

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Paris. Where else? You knew it was coming, Paris is a automatic go-to when you’re thinking romance! The Eiffel Tower sparkling in lights at night was the way to victoriapanferova‘s heart.

Aimbabe08 took to the skies and then got swept off her feet! High above the Hoover Dam during a flight lesson is quite a way to surprise a girl!

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A photo posted by @aimbabe08 on

We might be a little biased, but it doesn’t get any better than New York City, right? Taliagrace12‘s engagement at The Rink at Rockefeller Center was just magical!

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DIFFA: Dining By Design

Dining by Design: Antonino Buzzetta & Michael C. Fina

Michael C. Fina and designer Antonino Buzzetta proudly supported DIFFA and DINING BY DESIGN 2015.

DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) held it’s annual DINING BY DESIGN event this month. Michael C. Fina is a proud supporter of DIFFA and this year we were so excited to work with renowned Interior Designer Antonino Buzzetta to sponsor a table for the event. It was an amazing time collaborating on this project for a great cause.

The table features bold design, juxtaposing classically styled tableware alongside more modern pieces, all in a simple but eye-catching black, white, and gold color scheme. The entire table is set before a mesmerizing golden reflective background and deep red floral arrangements bring a soft warmth and depth to the display. Black and gold geometric centerpieces rise up from the glass table to draw attention to the modern light fixture, which is multiplied dozens of times by the angular background, lighting the entire installation fabulously and truly making the gold accents sparkle from every angle.

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by DIFFA’s DINING BY DESIGN event this year, make sure to stop by Michael C. Fina’s flagship store at 500 Park Avenue in New York, where a recreation of the installation is currently featured in our windows.

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Click here to learn more about DIFFA and help the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Antonino Buzzetta Design

Manhattan is Still Cold – Soup’s On!

Soup is the perfect meal for harsh winter weather. We’re still facing some brutally cold weather in New York City this weekend, and we’re sure plenty of you want to warm up yourselves! That’s why when we found this fantastic soup recipe by our friends at we knew we had to share it. This Manhattan Clam Chowder recipe is hearty and bold, perfect for waiting out the (hopefully!) end of this wintery weather. No need to bundle up the whole bunch of you to go to a restaurant when you’ve got this hot recipe up your sleeve.

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Click on over to for the full recipe, and let us know your favorite winter soups in the comments! Or let us know if you’ll give Martha’s recipe a chance, and how it turns out. And if you’re looking for the perfect vessel to show off your cooking prowess to the guests trying to warm up in your home, take a look at a few we picked out.

L'Objet Perlee Soup Plate
L’Objet Perlee Soup Plate
Hermes Bleus D'ailleurs Soup Plate
Hermes Bleus D’ailleurs Soup Plate
Furstenberg Rajasthan Soup Plate
Furstenberg Rajasthan Soup Plate



A Post-Valentine’s Tricky Cocktail

The weekend is time for most of us to kick back, relax, and maybe enjoy a cocktail or two. If you’ve still got some leftover Valentines to deliver or if you’ve managed to make your chocolates last a little big longer than usual this year, we figured a pretty in pink cocktail recipe is apropos for this weekend. But we warn you, this pink drink’s bite is definitely worse than it’s bark! Flirty in color and ferocious in flavor, hot pepper infused liquor really makes this recipe kick. Imbibe Magazine has the tips and tricks on how to spice things up with a La Moretta, originally whipped up by Fatima Wehidy of Pesce in San Francisco.


La Moretta
La Moretta

Try this cocktail for yourself this weekend and make sure it looks good, too! Check out some stylish options to impress your guests (or just to make yourself feel fancy, you’re worth it!)

Varga Highball


Varga Chelsea Highball

Baccarat Highball

Baccarat Diamant Highball 


Meet Erica Courtney



For 30 years, Erica Courtney has been designing feminine and elegant fine jewelry to suit every style and taste. After moving from Dallas to Los Angeles in 1989, Erica’s business blossomed and she continued to evolve, introducing fine gold and platinum gemstone jewelry to her collection. Each piece is designed personally by Erica to ensure that it fits flawlessly into her collection.


1.  What inspired you to begin designing?  What influences your designs?

Truthfully, boredom inspired my first piece. It was snowing in Dallas and I was stranded at home so I started gluing Swarovski crystals on a pair of sunglasses.

2.  What is the first piece you designed?

Sunglasses hand-designed with Swarovski crystals

3.  How would you describe the style of your collections?

My collection is very feminine, sophisticated and has an assortment of the most magnificent colors in the world of gemstones.

4.  What is your signature piece?

My signature piece of jewelry would have to be my cocktail rings. Most designers don’t spend as much time as I do on the details…..I design every single millimeter of each of my rings!

5.  What materials do you use and why?

Right now, I’m mostly utilizing gold and lush gemstones. My passion is using gorgeous and colorful collector gemstones. necklaceandearrings

6.  What is an outfit incomplete without?

A ring! We express ourselves and communicate in so many ways and our hands are definitely a common source. I like having something fabulous and sparkly on my “talkative” hands.

7.  Name one thing a person should splurge on:

A cocktail ring because even cheap wine tastes better when there’s a gorgeous ring to stare at while you’re sipping it.

8.  What is your favorite gift to give?

Sweet treats that I personally bake.

9.  What is your best style tip?

As long as you have a stylish purse, killer shoes, and a gorgeous piece of jewelry, then the rest can come from Target because no one will know the difference.

10. What is the most fun piece of jewelry to redesign?

I like the challenge of redesigning outdated pieces that my clients have no hope for. Presenting them with their newly designed treasures and watching them fall in love again with their updated pieces is priceless.

Care Tips: China

Caring for china can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to begin. But by following just a few simple tips, you can ensure that your china will continue to look brand new, forever.


1. While most china can be cared for the same way, be sure to check the manufacturer’s specific instructions for any exceptions.

2. Most fine china can washed in the dishwasher but to prevent chips and cracks, position each piece in a way that prevents them from knocking into one another.

3. If your china has hand-applied decorations, avoid putting it in the dishwasher, as the heat can damage gold or platinum bands.

4. Let your china air dry when putting it in the dishwasher. If your dishwasher does not have an air dry setting, simply stop it before the dry cycle begins and leave the door open.

5. Place liners or paper plates in between fine china when stacking them for storage to keep them looking pristine.


6. Instead of using scouring powders or steel wool on your china when you need to clean off dried-on food, soak each piece for several minutes. This will remove the food, while preventing scratches.

7. When hand washing your china, place a rubber mat or a towel at the bottom of the sink to avoid chips or cracks.

8. China can crack from temperature extremes, so avoid moving your pieces directly from the refrigerator to the oven.

China is special, and often something that you want to pass down from generation to generation. By following these simple care tips, you can ensure that your pieces will remain in perfect condition for years to come.

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